Here exist many different types of connections,

one with a single internal O-ring seal contained in the outlet end cap(that is the 116 inside type in the ordering information) is used in small flow applications;

the other one with a special flange that incorporates a special seal to eliminate fluid bypass from the upstream to the downstream side of the filter, the housing elastomeric O-ring is placed on a special flange, which is an integral part of the element outlet end cap.

These filter cartridges provide effective particle removal and the most cost-effective solution for small flow filtration and gas applications within the beer filtration.

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single round industrial filter housing

Single Round Industrial Liquid Filter Housings

features a top-inlet and top-outlet, which allows for easy fitting with various connections and adaptors.

The housing body is sanitary grade and has a finished polishing of Ra<0.6μm. This makes it suitable for various applications. Since the housing is a compact struction, the top of the filter housing can be fixed to the connection tube. To replace the filter, please twist the body. This ensures that there is no liquid spillover during the replacement process.

In addition, the drain valve located on the bottom of the filter housing allows for easy drainage.and it can holds filter cartridges with various endcap/adapters SOE (226,222), DOE

Design features

  • Top inlet and top outlet can be connected by the tube
  • No liquid spillover when replacing the filter housing
  • Drain valve on the bottom is easy to drain
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